Woollen industry

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Premier Textiles

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Background to the Local Wool Industry

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National Wool Museum

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HERE Welcome to Laxey Woollen Mills, the only remaining woollen mill on the Island situated on the north east coast.

About Kochar Woolen Textiles

Laxey Woollen Mills builds on over years of experience in the textile industry, and remains the home to our Island's traditional tartan, the Laxey Manx Tartan.

cement plants, mini plants & 40 players, the cement industry in India is the 2nd largest producer of cement globally. The Indian cement industry grew by. Kochar Woolen Mills, Amritsar India Manufacturer, Suppliers of Woven Woollen fabric includes Jacket clothes, Textile Fabrics, Blazers, Tweeds, Jacquards, Melton.

The woollen industry in Wales was a major contributor to the national economy, accounting for two-thirds of the nation's exports in Sheep farms are most often situated in the country's mountains and moorlands, where sheepdogs are employed to round up flocks.

rosy woollen mills pvt ltd solely produce and market goods under rosy wool and big wool brands only. please beware of fake rosy branding products.

our logo defines originality of our products. Welcome to Coast and Country's web site about our National Costume and the Industry behind it. Girl in "traditonal" Welsh National costume.

The Woollen Industry

Our current concept of Welsh National Costume is largely the result of one woman’s efforts to preserve and popularise a sense of Welsh national identity.

Woollen industry
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