School uniforms shoul be abolished

School Uniforms Should Be Abolished in Schools.

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Should School Uniform Be Abolished? Essay Sample

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School uniform should be abolished

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No one is going to die because of it. School uniforms should be abolished 1. * School Uniforms Should Be Abolished By: Friska Kosasi 2.

* For many years, school uniforms have been worn by student in schools througout the world. The problem of wearing school uniforms is that parents waste a lot of money purchasing them. Evidently school uniform should be abolished. Banning school uniform allows a freedom of expression.

Showing your personality is a confidence booster and makes you. School Uniform Should Be Abolished. Collins-Patel 9PD Should School Uniform Be Abolished? Most schools across the world have a set uniform that children must wear. The uniform shows that you belong to the school and is an identity to a specific place/school.

School uniform should be abolished. School uniform should be abolished because it denies pupils to express their personality and individuality. Moreover teachers do not have to wear any form of uniform. In addition other countries are not obliged to wear uniform. In conclusion, school uniforms should not be abolished.

Reasons are that school uniforms give a sense of belonging to us, maintain equality among students, help students to focus on study and help them to prepare for working in the future.

High school student are mostly teenager. When I was in high school I did studied in the school where uniform were mandatory and also studied in the school where uniform were not required. I know how hard it is when there is no uniform requirement.

School uniforms shoul be abolished
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