My happiestmoment is when i got first salary

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Top 10 Happiest Moments in one’s Life

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How to Tell the Boss A Pay Raise Wasn't Adequate

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Oct 07,  · Top 10 Happiest Moments in one’s Life. Article by Aashima Singh, October 7, Life. Can you describe it in a word, in a sentence, in a paragraph? Nobody can as there is nothing constant about it, everything keeps changing. My Happiestmoment Is When I Got First Salary The first time I got arrested It all started one warm summer night in Lynn, Massachusetts back in good old I had just almost passed my sophomore year in high school falling one credit shy.

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After i got my offer letter from the i called my MOM first and she was so happy with the news, that was the day when i made my parents proud. We will write a custom essay on My First Job and First Salary specifically for you. For gaining this large information, interviewer needs to ask questions which will brood in deeper and get them greater insights of the person.

The question-‘ What is your happiest moment’ help interviewer gather the following information: Ability to handle the sudden confusing question – Author: Krishna Reddy.

When I first cried on my first day to school is the happiest I used to celebrate my birthday in school distributing chocolates to all my is my happiest moment.

Getting passed out of my SSC with first class after eagerly searching for my number in a local newspaper is my happiest moment. Mar 10,  · When I started my first company, I would spend my lunch hour each day in my car, making phone calls hoping they wouldn't go over my allotted break.

How to Answer ‘What is your happiest moment’ Question

Once I got home and got Author: Dana Severson.

My happiestmoment is when i got first salary
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How much did you make at your first "grown-up" job? Salary or hourly? : AskWomen