Graffiti writing styles

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Graffiti Designs & Styles: Tagging, Bombing and Painting

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Graffiti Fonts

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Graffiti Styles You Need to Know

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Graffiti Fonts

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Graffiti Designs & Styles: Tagging, Bombing and Painting

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Peeta graffiti writing sculpture by Peeta who is a graffiti writer, sculptor and painter from Venice (Italy). Find this Pin and more on PVC Pipe Creations by Dawn.

The wild style graffiti is a form of graffiti involving, interlocking letters, arrows, and connecting points. These pieces are often harder to read by non-graffiti artists as the letters merge into one another in an often undecipherable manner. Taken off the wall and to the computer screen, these graffiti fonts represent true street art.

Write your name in graffiti style! The Graffiti Creator allowes you to design your own name or logotype in graffiti-style. This book presents a classification system for graffiti styles that reflects the expertise of graffiti writers and the work of art historian Erwin Panofsky.

Based on Panofsky’s theories of iconographical analysis, the classification model is designed to identify the style of a graffiti piece by. The wild style graffiti is a form of graffiti involving, interlocking letters, arrows, and connecting points.

These pieces are often harder to read by non-graffiti artists as the letters merge into one another in an often undecipherable manner. It may include arrows, spikes, and other decorative elements depending on the technique used.

Graffiti writing styles
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