Eddie mabo speech

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Eddie Koiki Mabo Lecture

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Eddie Mabo

Gary Foley's personal Koori History page, with monthly special features on aspects of the Aboriginal struggle, photos, essays, and action.

Jun 30,  · National Constitutional Convention. The National Constitutional Convention was held at Uluru between 23 and 26 May Process. A synthesis of the Records of Meetings of the First Nations Regional Dialogues was produced by the Referendum Council.

Eddie Mabo (c. 29 June – 21 January ) was an Indigenous Australian man from the Torres Strait Islands known for his role in campaigning for Indigenous land rights and for his role in a landmark decision of the High Court of Australia which overturned the legal doctrine of terra nullius ("nobody's land") which characterised Australian law with regard to land and title.

First Australians is an Australian historical documentary series produced by Blackfella Films over the course of six years, and first aired in October The documentary is part of a greater project that further consists of a hard-cover book, a community outreach program and a substantial website featuring over mini-documentaries.

Redfern Community Centre Friday Night Speakers. Speech by Tom Calma, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, 1 April Opening statement to the Senate Select Committee on the Administration of Indigenous Affairs By Mr Tom Calma, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

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The Mabo decision was named after Eddie Mabo, the man who challenged the Australian legal system and fought for recognition of the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional owners of their land.

Eddie mabo speech
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