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He is also responsible for overall operations of the Beximco Prefixes Division. 1. Aganagar Branch: Branch Code: Address: Haji Anowar Complex (1st & 2nd Floor), Shahid Delwar Hossain Road, Aganagar, Keranigonj, Dhaka Phone: +88 Aditya Aima, Vice President – Head Marketing & Business Strategy, Astro AWANI Network Sdn.

Bhd. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in the Banking Sector in Bangladesh – An Assessment and business relevance of CSR Practices fo r the Banking Sector of Corporate So cial.

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This event marked the launch of a new report by The Harvard Kennedy School's CSR Initiative (CSRI) and Business Fights Poverty: “Sustaining and Scaling the Impact of Enterprise Development Programmes”, which draws on SABMiller’s experience.

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