A biography of abraham lincoln born in hodgenville kentucky

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Abraham Lincoln Biography

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky (US). His father, Thomas, was a strong and determined person who was honorable and also respectable in society. Abraham had an elder sister, Sarah and a younger brother Thomas, who died in his childhood.

His early life on Kentucky's frontier shaped his character and prepared him to lead the nation through Civil War. The country's first memorial to Lincoln, built with donations from young and old, enshrines the symbolic birthplace cabin.

Facts, information and articles about the life of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President Of the United States Abraham Lincoln Facts Born February 12,Hodgenville, Kentucky Died April 15,Petersen House, Washington, D.C.

cointent_lockedcontent Presidential Term March 4, – April 15, Spouse Mary Todd Lincoln Major.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born on in Hodgenville in the state of Kentucky, United States. He was an American President, Lawyer, Writer, Author & Founder. There is long standing controversy regarding Nancy Hanks Lincoln's balmettes.com was the wife of Thomas Lincoln and mother of the 16th president Abraham balmettes.com familial background according to historian Albert J.

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Nancy Hanks Lincoln heritage

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHP was established to commemorate the site on which Abraham Lincoln was born, but over the years the Park Service's responsibility has expanded to caring for the natural environment at the Birthplace Unit and the Lincoln Boyhood Home Unit at Knob Creek.

A biography of abraham lincoln born in hodgenville kentucky
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A Brief Biography of Abraham Lincoln